N.L.K. GROUP OF SCHOOLS launches Shreshtha Shiksha: Ek Mauka Sabko


William Butler Yeats once said that “Education is not the filling of a pail but the lighting of a fire.” Little did he know how accurate this statement would become today as we witness arguably the biggest change in the history of education.
Over the past two decades, educators have seen a seismic shift in the way they need to teach. What once was a professor at the front of the room being the holder and dissemination of information is no longer relevant. Students, armed with the advent of technology, now have the world at their fingertips.
As a result of these shifts in innovation and technology, we have seen a dramatic change in the K-12 curriculum that will help to prepare students to succeed in the 21st century. The focus is more concept driven versus content driven and looks at big ideas and inquiry-based learning. At NLK Group of Schools, we engage students in many project based activities and promote experimental learning so that they can build a great future ahead.
Welcome to the 21st century of education. It will no doubt be a road paved with excitement, possibilities, and the lighting of many fires.


Karadi Tales is an independent children’s publishing house based in Chennai, India focusing primarily on picture books and audiobooks. It was started in 1996 with an intent to create a space for Indian culture in the world of children’s publishing, by a group of writers, educators and musicians.

Creya XEL 2.0, our STEM Learning Program is available for class 1 to 10 and helps young students build empathy to the world around them through the Design Thinking Framework. As they work on interdisciplinary projects cutting across Math, Science, Social Studies and ICT, they connect classroom theory to solving for real-world problems

Jodo Gyan works to develop and implement innovative methods in mathematics and science education. These methods are based on a simple premise – that children learn when they are engaged in activities which are meaningful to them.

Arpan provides direct services to children, adolescents and adults to prevent Child Sexual Abuse and appropriately deal with disclosures of children and adolescents through our flagship programme – Personal Safety Education. This programme caters to children and adolescents in schools, communities, NGOs, and institutions.

Greycaps is Asia’s largest onstage quizzing and knowledge services company.They are also the creators of the first and largest GK program for schools in India with over quarter million children reading our books every year.

The Global Education & Leadership Foundation (tGELF) is a non-profit that seeks to identify and nurture leadership skills in individuals who are rooted in the values of ethics and altruism, and have a bias for action.


Our First CBSE Branch : NLK Academy, Mandhana