“Coding. Robotics. Design Thinking. Engineering Design – Integral part of NLK’s Curriculum”



Teaching is so much more than that. Training for the teachers is also important for them to have effective class management skills. ... Training sessions are needed to help the teachers learn or create new teaching strategies which will bring back the interest of their students in the classrooms and encourage learning.
It is a known fact that students who have well-informed teachers tend to perform far better than their peers. Therefore, it is very important that the school management /leadership team pay attention to the professional development of their staff. The reason why continuing teacher training is so important for educational excellence is simple: teachers need to be given regular training opportunities in order to stay at the top of their game.
Even the best teachers will begin to lag behind if they don’t continue to strive for excellence.
Personalized education is well, not rocket science, let’s be honest here – it is much more complicated. And the training for the teachers must be such that it makes the lives of students easier and learning effective which we do not see often. Teaching is an important process, but the teacher is a fundamental element in this process and it is always the method which determines the output of the system.
The teacher training is not something which is only necessary after the recruitment of a teacher in any institution. No, teaching is all about learning, you teach what you learn and as stated above learning is an infinite and continuous process. The training of teachers must go on from time to time in between their jobs, to initiate them in newer technologies so that they can model that out for the students. Sometimes, using the same teaching strategy for so long might make a pattern which does not really interest the students and might make the lessons boring.