“Coding. Robotics. Design Thinking. Engineering Design – Integral part of NLK’s Curriculum”



“It is not your aptitude, but your attitude, That determines your altitude”- Zig Ziglar.

There is a perpetual flow of positive energy, movement and enthusiasm in the environs of NLK’s Little Steps.
We do realize that we need to begin at the very beginning and so we pay special attention to the little ones who join us in the Pre primary Section. Under the watchful eyes of their teachers, they learn the importance of diligence and discipline in their primary and junior years.

We aim not just at imparting knowledge to the students, but also helping them inculcate – wisdom, compassion and a humanitarian spirit.

As a school, we think about how to engage the students and hold their attention. If a lesson is to be productive, how do we make sure that the students actually absorb the topic? With this constant question in our mind, we continuously upgrade our teaching tools and techniques as well as our academic programme.

As we climb higher on the steps of success, we bow before The Almighty, that we never lose sight of the goals which we have set out to achieve. We strive hard to provide quality education to our students.

Our vision is to produce conscientious, smart and confident citizens of India who will go out into the world and make us proud. We believe that armed with the strength of knowledge and confidence in the self, every child of NLK’S Little Steps will make a mark in the future.

For all this, I would like to thank the Management for giving us their unquestioning support in whatever we do.
Ms. Archana Tandon
NLK Little Steps, Jawahar Nagar, Kanpur


Hollywood Dream Parade

Just go...
Go and See all the Beauty in the World 🌎🌍. And You will Recognise how Wonderful 👌🏻👌🏻the World 🌎 is.... Through the activity our Little Champs 👫👫 virtually had a trip to "Hollywood Universal Studio". Wherein they were shown different characters, cartoons and different rides. They enjoyed the ride to the fullest 🌝🌝. They shared a wonderful Universal Globe 🌎🌎 with us. We all heartily appreciate ❤️❤️ Our Little Ones and their talent...

Beat the Heat

To break the pandemic stress and monotony, Little Steps’ Kids learnt an interesting Activity i.e., Beat the heat by their teachers.
Our Preschoolers learnt and made mouthwatering Ice cream 🍨🍦🍦 and Barf gola. They participated with full enthusiasm in the presentation. Have a look👇
#coolicecream #tips #Oreoicecrem # #Barfgola #nlklittlestepskids

Kitty Kite Making

Imagination is the highest kite one can fly...
Once Again Our Little Ones Shared Their Creativity With Us... Let's Us A Look🥰🥰

World Family Day

Families are important because human beings can't live solitary lives all the time⏱️⏱️. Just like the basic requirements, a human also has several emotional needs, the gratification of which is essential for mental as well as physical happiness 😊☺️.
Everyone requires affection, understanding, feeling of belonging, love and so forth. Families 👨👩👧👧👩👩👧👦are important because they provide us with love 💕😘, laughter 😂 😆and a sense of community 🤝🏻🤝🏻.
"Being a family means you are a part of something very wonderful👌🏻💫👌🏻. It means you will love and be loved for the rest of your life."

Old MacDonald Had A Farm

“People rarely succeed unless they have fun in what they are doing.” ...
That's absolutely correct. Our Little Champs not only learned something new from the activity " Old MacDonald Had A Farm" but also enjoyed it fully. They shared their enthusiasm with us through some pics, videos etc.
Let's have a look and enjoy the activity with the children....🙂🙂
#gradeschool#old MacDonald#farm#activity#stay home#stay safe.

Autism Awareness

The aim of Autism Awareness is to increase understanding and acceptance of people with autism,foster world wide support and inspire a kinder,more inclusive world. Every year we celebrate World Autism Day on 2nd April. Various activities were organized and kids participated enthusiastically.
"Autism is not a Disability.
It's a different Ability."


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